Director PT SPEAKINGID Communication Skills Training Center

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Lecturer in communication science and marketing

Podcaster and Radio Practitioner

More than 12 years experience as a radio announcer, producer and reporter

Professional Blogger

Dubber and Voice Over Talent

Dubber in animation series Riska dan Si Gembul MNC TV, Abi dan Caca Trans7, etc. Provide voice-over services to make your multimedia in a cost-effective way

Moderator and Master of Ceremony

Moderator and master of ceremony for formal and informal events


Sara Neyrhiza is a communication educator, practitioner, and certified trainer who specializes in public speaking, radio, and creative digital content. She holds a bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences and a postgraduate degree in Marketing Management.
  • The Best Announcer 2018

    The Best Announcer of The KPID Jawa Tengah Award 2018

  • The Best Radio Talkshow

    Producer and Announcer of The Best Radio Talkshow of the KPID Jawa Tengah Award 2018

  • Blogger Asian Games 2018

    Blogger Asian Games 2018 with 32 blogger around of Indonesia

  • Duta Baca 2019- 2022

    Bunda Duta Baca Solo 2019- 2022


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